Cecile A

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Last notes resonating from a concert in Quiberon March 2020.

A little blond girl with wide blue eyes approaches the stage and tries to talk to the jazz singer of the group who is playing that night. “You have a beautiful voice” she says in a shy voice. ‘but how come you don’t sing your own songs?”

Black out

Since she was young, it has been her dream. This little angel from sky comes as an electric shock.

Black out 

Covid. Lock down. 2 years on hold. Isolation. Sadness.

She wakes up in a state of emergency and starts writing a few texts, a few tunes. She composes her first album called “Hope”.

Dreams are meant to be lived.

An optimist with a solar personality, Cecile reveals her own world with softness and elegance.

Among her influences are Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley or Eryka Badu. She explores important themes to her such as hope, light, love, utopias and the planets…

After studying English literature, Cecile A (aka Cecile Andrault) is directing a gospel choir in Brittany, France. For the last 10 years, she has been performing live in France and abroad with different jazz and gospel bands.